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The KR&A research subscription to our quarterly research report about real estate and includes access to data. The report contains research articles about the use of data for real estate investors, developers, financiers and city planners. We publish in the form of a web-magazine and you will also receive a hardcopy. Our research subscription is a corporate subscription and is available to everyone in your company.

On top of the research, your company will have access to a closed knowledge platform. You will benefit from the valuable insights and perspective of the very experienced editorial board. A subscription also gives you access to a refresher about regression and statistics for real estate professionals and we share our best data sources, analytics ideas and real estate visualizations with members. We also organize courses about real estate and data for members. Please contact us for more information, subscription rates and conditions.

Predict and anticipate change

The KR&A Research subscription will give your company access to our quarterly web reports, with in depth analyses and valuable information on real estate, packed with sources, data, graphics and analytics. The latest information you need to continue to outperform. Save time, as you get all the essentials and more, right on your PC, tablet, and smartphone, four issues a year.

Improve grip on performance

We find the necessary data for your business and enrich it with visualizations and analysis. Our real estate research about data can help you shape your ideas on how to act in the transforming real estate markets. Our research and insights increase your grip on performance as you are better armed to anticipate change.

Invest in team skills

Treat your team to the best information about data and analytics for real estate. Educate your workforce as they enjoy refreshers of statistics and regression, tailor-made for real estate professionals. We organise real estate data, visualisation or analytics teach-ins, at your request. Data analytics is the insider trading of the future, make sure your team knows how to extract all information that is available.

The benefits of a KR&A Research Subscription in a nutshell:

  • The research subscription
  • Four in depth reports per year
  • Hard copy and web-magazine
  • Easily shared with all co-workers
  • Access to knowledge platform
  • High quality editorial board
  • Option to book a training
  • Pan-European perspective
  • About residential, office and retail property
  • For investors, developers, financiers and town planners
  • Strategy, operations, sustainability and data
  • Data sources, analytics and visualisations

New! We are now offering our reports separately so that you can decide for yourself which reports are relevant for you and your company. Click the button on the right to see the price list and find out more!

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Unibail vs. Klépierre

Unibail vs. Klépierre

The Strategies of Real Estate Companies

Word Cloud 2.0

Eight Data Sources for the Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Regression Refresher

Maarten J. Hulshoff, Chairman


​​Maarten is an independent supervisory board member of a number of international companies,​ including Damen shipyards, HB Reavis, and Brit Plc​, where he was a director until the recent take over​. Hulshoff has been CEO of Rodamco Europe from 2001 to its merger with Unibail in 2006. Before that he was CEO and chairman of the management board of Rabobank International in 1999. Maarten has been chairman​​ of the managing board of NCM Holding N.V. (now Atradius). He joined Citigroup in 1976 and held various general management positions in Europe and Asia from 1982 until 1995. Maarten began his career in 1973 at Océ N.V.

Is it location, location, location or data, data, data? In my opinion it’s about the combination; understanding the local market by correctly interpreting relevant data. Real Estate has been a business of “gut feel” for a long time, whereas having access to smart data is nowadays equally important.

Tinka Kleine

Tinka Kleine Ed Board 2015 squareTinka is Director Private Real Estate Europe at PGGM, one of the largest pension funds managers in the world, with over 200 billion of assets under management and approx. 20 billion invested in listed and private real estate. Tinka joined PGGM ten years ago and before that she worked at a residential company and five years at the sell-side as a real estate stock analyst. Tinka started her career as a consultant at Kolpron, a leading real estate consultancy. Tinka has a masters’ degree in Urban planning from the University of Amsterdam. She is a registered financial analyst.

I believe that big data research can enhance our understanding of urban life, needs and potential to new levels and enable us to contribute to sustainable city development and achieving superior real estate returns.

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